We offer translation proofreading services. Many of our clients have come to us due to dissatisfaction with their previous translation agency. Proof if any were needed that translation, like any other professional activity, requires a high degree of specialization, knowledge and experience.


ITO offers transcription services primarily to the film and television industry. Where necessary, these transcriptions are passed on to the subtitling department to be processed and used in the definitive version, whether as subtitles for the hard of hearing or for subsequent translation.


Our subtitling team comprises highly-specialized professionals.


ITO works with an extensive network of professionals to offer dubbing/voiceover services for films, television programmes, corporate videos, etc. We provide the services of professionals with experience in audiovisual translation to meet the needs of our clients and ensure flawless modulation and synchronization.

Professional speechwriting

Everybody knows that speaking in public can be the most taxing daily task for a lot of business people across the world. Long working days often make it difficult to properly prepare and draft speeches or presentations to be given in public. To save you stress and time, ITO offers a speedy and professional speechwriting service that covers all fields of business communication in public, and is a vital tool for any professional businessperson.

Drafting and customizing resumes

In addition to all the other professional services we offer, we can also help you draft the perfect resume to get the job you want – all you need to do is give us all the relevant information. Our team will design each resume using unique and personalized criteria, setting out education, work experience, personal skills and any other information helpful for getting the job. Use this fast, competitive service to enhance your professional profile and visibility in the employment market, and to give you a better chance of success.